Friday, October 16, 2009

Tant Mieux Pour Moi !

Now that the ashes of what was once a black fire have been gusted and blown away by ataraxia, I can in all confidence say that I am exactly where I want to be. Standing in the eye of the tornado that is life, it is explosively calm. I look up to the sky and smile. It is just so…serene. I smile inside and out, but I make sure that the sardonicism of my inner one is clearly heard.

I need to write more often, not only tales and stories, but reflections. It's time I took Sara's advice and wrote everyday. I have promised myself not to indulge in self proclamations and anecdotal recounting of who and what I am, because in doing so one really runs the risk of rubbing shoulders with mediocrity. So, my reflections will manifest layers of my being, just like my stories did. I honestly don't believe that I possess any wisdom worth sharing; I can only observe reflect and write.

I've been handling my writings here in a solemn way that implied that I am some brooding individual. I am not.

That needs to change.

Random Thoughts:

Quintessential pleasure and happiness in life for me is doing something I love and am passionate about, thus writing + politics = kickass job. This job has become as important to me as the Blue Suede Shoes were to Elvis.

If I were to state one reason that makes me want to be Batman, Bats has a thing going on with Wonder Woman. Period.

Bruce (a.k.a lucky bastard) and Diana

Yes, I do realize it's a comic book character, but still !

The Song: Passe Le Temps – Souad Massi. The ineffably beautiful lyrics and the bewitching music, make for an amazing early morning or late night drive tune.

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