Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loup Garou

I will transform into one.

And when I do, I will eat you up.

The Song: Break - 3 Days Grace

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Blind light grazed her fair skin illuminating a beautiful pink blush that hid behind dark eyes. In translucence she picked up her pencil and started drawing a little sketch of a heart. Her heart perhaps, and maybe mine. She knew that I watched as she beautified my shirt, placing the heart gently on the right side of my chest. I tilted my head inquisitively and gave her a puzzled look she knew so well and has even come to adore. The warmth of her smile was a not that of a million suns, no. It was a supernova.

A supernova of emotions seeping right through the fabric of my rugged soul, refining it, shaping it. She smiled, and I stood helplessly stupefied, burning with curiosity as I waited for her to reveal yet another piece of her puzzle.

Blindfolded if I have to, I will guide her touch, to where my heart is, to where she wants it to be. I will lead her to the heart on the right side of my chest.

© Getty Images

The Song: Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars . . . I will drum this beautiful song one day, for her. And she will behold me in awe.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I bit a Shark

Surfing mystic rivers of gold I was ambushed by a school of Harley sharks, who tried to mug and then eat me alive. So, I summoned my Chi and blasted them all to the depths of oblivion, sparing only one to take as my prisoner. As I tried to tie it down with my ropes of faith stringed together by a million memories, the feisty shark squirmed and fought splashing blazing drops of lava on my adamantium armor, engorging my already swollen temper. In anger, I held on tight to the prudent creature and took it on a trip to outer space at light speed. The shark begged for its life, for it knew that I was going to take it to Orion, the hunter who showed no mercy. The now helpless predator sought my forgiveness, promising me to quit crime and to bestow its life to its baby sharks.

After thinking for a while, I descended back to earth deciding to give the shark another shot at life.

Everyone deserves a shot. Once, twice and thrice.

And I can and will be whoever I want to be.

© Getty Images

The Song: Cosmic LoveFlorence and the Machine, thanks for that one, Moaj.