Monday, April 26, 2010


But what good is writing when I could run to your doorstep and take you in my arms? I'll whisper pink clouds of emotion into your ears. I'll kiss your rosy cheeks; I'll pump passion through your back that rests against my thudding heart.

I'll love you.

I've listened to different colors of music, multiple spectra of tunes and melodies. None resembles how your voice resonates and bounces off the walls of my chest. Don't cry, love, never cry, for this sad music shatters my formidable heart.

Formidable is my heart for holding a love so deep and profound; powerful is my body for encaging emotion so furious and wild. Crazy love, angry love. Angry, because you're back is not constantly against my chest.

One tear though will break me into shades of vapor so untamed; it shall move the universe right to your doorstep. But you bring me back, and I hug you.

Don't cry love.

Your eyes to my heart are like a full moon to a starless night sky.

The Song: Celebrate - Embrace

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