Monday, October 19, 2009

Someone to Blame?

I never realized that he'd been virtually running my life for a while.

He deliberately hid truths from me and concealed logic, only to reveal them when he thought that the time was right.

He had the answers to all my questions, answers I should have figured out effortlessly on my own, but he always offered different ones, so that I'd learn he claimed.

When I actually got a hint of his shady presence, I looked for him only to get a glimpse of his trail. He hid well.

In my sleep he reappeared to reshuffle the arithmetics of my mind and alter the equations of my emotions. I woke up with a hangover, a bad one

If it hadn't been for him, puppeteering my every step...

He was bound to slip, and he did. In a burst of raw emotion I caught him off guard and took over the vessel that is my life.

Unfiltered emotion can disillusion a man.

I have an agreement with him now.

He accompanies us all.

He is Subconscious.

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Random Thoughts:

When it comes to unfiltered raw emotions, punk rockers are the masters. Primitive and primary feelings are what they convey best, and very eloquently too. I summon the mentality of the punk rocker almost daily.

It would be honestly great if what I just scribbled was even remotely true, if we could actually blame our subconscious. We can't. We are our subconscious.

Question, exactly how many types of freaking Gillette razors are out there?!

The Song: The Hell Song – Sum 41


  1. I gave you an award, come pick it up. :)

  2. lol one for every type of lazy maybe (the razors) the ones that vibrate are the ones that crack me up the most honestly...

    I hate my subbie!