Sunday, October 18, 2009

" مرحبا بكم في الطراوة "

I was at the office yesterday, because I do work Saturdays. My only comment on this matter is a fantabulous statement usually made by an old buddy of mine on occasions like these.

"Tis' the eat of the Bread"

Well said my friend. Well said.

So, as I was doing my usual morning international news round up, these were the latest news:

Egypt delays the signing of the Palestinian unity deal:

According to Egyptian officials, the delay is apparently because they're "waiting for a better atmosphere". Well, the initial purpose of the agreement is to provide a better atmosphere, n'est-ce pas? I mean, if the circumstances were already stable, what would all the negotiation and mediation be needed for. So, we're waiting for better times to come about in order sign an agreement that would make things better? This makes no sense to me. Sometimes I feel that governments are either too lazy, or they just simply suck.

9 killed, 3 wounded in Iraq mosque attack:

Oh, that's news.

U.S. Disappointed by U.N. Council’s Vote on Goldstone Report:

Apparently the U.S. is planning on voting against the report that incriminates Israel for the bloody shenanigans they pulled off in Gaza early this year, which are also known as war crimes. As to why they're going to vote against the resolution:

'State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said October 16 that the U.S. decision to vote against the resolution “in no way diminishes the deep concern that we have about the tragic events of last January” and the suffering they caused to Palestinians in Gaza and Israelis in southern Israel.

“We believe very firmly that Israeli and Palestinian children deserve the right to grow up without the threat of violence and without the kind of conflict that we saw last January,” he said.

However, U.S. officials believe the resolution had “an unbalanced focus,” and are concerned that “it will exacerbate polarization and divisiveness” at a time when the Obama administration is working to bring Israelis and Palestinians together for talks that would lead to a two-state solution.'

To the U, S and A: Why don't you take your vote, and SHOVE IT!

Pakistan Launches Taliban Assault:

Ok, we all saw that coming. But I have a comment right here. On BBC News, they published a profile of the new Taliban leader, who's obviously the new bad ass prodigy who should guide "La Résistance" to victory. Attached to the profile was his picture:

So, here's my remark: What kind of a bad ass leader of a grand military group, poses for a picture like this?! I mean, shouldn't he look Bin Ladenlishly intimidating? He looks queer, and I'm so not intimidated.

I never thought I'd ever say this with sincerity and meaningfulness, but please do give peace a freaking chance. If Lennon only knew...

Random Thoughts:

Political analysts and writers should not use the word cleavage in any article, analysis or news piece. It is funny and insinuating - at least to a mind like mine - so it laughs me out of the solemn political context. Now that I think of it, they shouldn't use the word crack either...

Pinky and the Brain are two lab rats whose daily plan is to take over the world. Pinky was the one who did the dirty work - being the stupid one - and Brain masterminded the mischievous plans. It seems that the world has become overloaded with the likes of those rats lately. The only difference is, there are no Brains, only Pinkys.

I acted like a groupie yesterday, never thought I would. Rooting for a best friend apparently does that to you. Blue Suede Shoes also got played on stage last night, which was elevating to say the least.

I think I just got engaged to my job. This marriage cannot be completed. Break up ideas, anyone?

Speaking of work, I need new office music. Any recommendations?

The Song: Give Peace a Chance - John Lennon

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  1. Wessam, join the club! My cousin and I have a theme for every work day! Today it's John Mayor and the likes lol