Friday, October 16, 2009

Ink on paper is not how they should remain

Yesterday, I watched one of my high school best friends perform in his first gig. It was simply awesome, and what makes it even bigger is that he'd been wanting it for the past 7 years, ever since high school. Not only that but "The" (his band's name) has actually qualified to the final six, and are competing again tomorrow.

Reminder: this was their first gig.

Thought at the back of my head: I think the band's name is kickass.

As I watched him rock on stage, I couldn't help but remember the times he almost gave up. I actually thought he'd given up…

Amidst graduation, job hunting and god knows what other crap, I'd simply forgotten about his dreams and he'd forgotten about mine, which is only natural. Dreams are remembered solely by their dreamers, and none other. He managed to remind me of his dreams though.

One day he was my high school mate, the next day he calls me up and I realize that he's my high school mate who managed to cross something off his life's to-do list. Now, that is galvanizingly inspiring.

I've crossed out a few myself, but god knows the big ones are still there teasing and taunting me.

"Dreams age faster than dreamers" - Stephen King

This is one of the few quotes that I consider a fact. A scary one. It isn't scary just because it implies that at one point in time, one's dreams my die of old age. It is scary because it reflects how man's procrastination can make him ignore what he wants, consequently forgetting it and eventually putting it to sleep. It is scary because once you kill your own dream, you have yourself to blame and regret might in turn kill you. That's my take on it anyway…

I want to leave this world with a completely crossed out to do list.

To dreams.

I guess even Coconuts have dreams

The Song: Shallow – Porcupine Tree


  1. I want to leave a completely crossed out to-do list behind! oh and my tons of books

  2. I saw them too!! I saw all the bands actually. I can't wait till tonight :)