Monday, December 21, 2009


Sometimes, we slip into solipsism and become oblivious to those whose lives intersect with ours. We simply refuse to see where they're coming from. We refuse to see the shadows they drag behind.

Those who forever walk towards the sun will never know what a shadow is.

It is like we're all walking towards our respective suns, and in the process, empathy is lost, and more importantly, some lose track of who they are.

I need a dreamcatcher, one that will help me survive the dawn of red mist and the dusk of agony and despair. One that will make me turn my back on the sun and remember what my shadow looks like. One that will show me others' shadows…

I don't mind the world today.

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The Song: Starts When You Fall - The Killer And The Star


  1. Spot on, Wessam.
    You will hardly come across anyone now who would actually see your shadow,as you have put it..empathy is a rare commodity nowadays,that's why those who possess this quality stand out from the rest..
    Loved your simple yet powerful language here.

  2. I remember buying a dreamcatcher once.
    If I happen to find it, it's all yours

  3. This is a really beautiful post. I can totally relate to it. Sometimes we are too busy looking at the bigger picture that we miss the small details. Sometimes it's okay if you don't know your goals and targets, but know what you are doing next. God will throw it in your way one day or another.

  4. what of shapless shadows that don't reflect much?

    how about instead of a dream catcher some presepective that helps you mold out shapes of everchanging shadows..tell which ones to follow and where to run with your worth for this is not a shadow you want any relevence to ..

    hmmf hope you get ur dreamcatcher though and that you see that which is worthy of seeing.

  5. I need a dream catcher too...or maybe..a dream