Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Disarray of Conversational Longing

"The Coal isn't lighting up"

"Not to worry ! I will set it on fire with my Hadoken !"

"What the heck is that ?"


There used to be a kid who lived in a fantasy world. A kid who used to think that if he concentrated real hard and shouted out "adoogen", energy will burst from his wrists. I really miss that kid and his world.

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"Are you asleep ?"

"Of course, Lamiss, it is 2:30 in the morning, and why the heck are you calling me ?"

"There's a burglar in the house"


"I heard something coming from the kitchen, that’s why I was scared to come out of my room and come tell you. Can you go check ?"

"Lulu, I have loads of work early in the morning, don't be silly"




"There's nothing out there"

"Are you sure? Have you checked the whole house ?"


"Ok, thank you"

"Good night"

"Sorry for waking you up"

"Don't worry about it sweetheart"

I can't believe you're already 18. You'll always be my baby sister though; I don't care how old you are.

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"Haha ! And I was wondering why you're mom bought pickles while there was no food in the house ! You managed to plot all these plans right under my nose and I couldn't even notice !"

"Happy Birthday, Baba"

I hate the fact that I am now taller than you are, because in my head, I still look up to you. I love you.

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Recently, I realized that I am a very nostalgic person, thanks to Jess. This in turn has led me to an even bigger realization. Nostalgia for the past is one thing, but nostalgia for the future ? I am now more nostalgic for the future than I am for the past.

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Random Thoughts:

So I was watching titanic the other day (it was on while I worked, don't judge me) and I made a great discovery. Technically, it was jack and rose who sunk the freaking thing. If they hadn't decided to fool around like idiots on deck, the sailors wouldn't have been distracted from looking out for incoming danger, and they would have seen the approaching iceberg sooner.

I hate people who lick their fingers to flip pages. Where the heck did this idea come from ? Am I supposed to hold the licked document after you're done with it ?! God created opposable thumbs for a reason !! Asswipe.

We have a very cool janitor at work. He actually listens to music on his mp3 player as he cleans the office up. Pretty stereotypically movie like. The only problem is that he doesn't hear the sounds he makes as he cleans. He sounds like a Neanderthal learning to speak.

I guess you know you're beard is too long when it actually starts fluttering with the wind. It's nature's way of telling you that an alien race will be able to invade earth using your beard as headquarters. I'm not shaving though. Give me one reason to shave (not looks related) and I will.


The Song: Everlong – Foo Fighters .. Sends shivers down my back, every time.


  1. Omg wessam I love the new layout!
    You entertain me. I love your blog.

    People lick their fingers because the moisture makes it easier to flip the pages.

    Wait.. I'm sure you already knew that. haha

    You should shave your beard because you don't want all kinds of micro-organisms living and breeding in there. And also you can get arrested for being an Ekhwany. I'm pretty sure you look like one.



  2. I am officially in love with the layout :)

    I am also glad that my unintentional reference to you and nostalgia got you to figure out something. And...nostalgia for the future? that's intense.
    for some reason future scares me to death and that's probably why this sentence got me thinking in turn if I am nostalgic at all, or if I'll ever be.

    one reason to shave: ummm because I am not a fan of beards?

    one more thing: YAY for Everlong.

    I love the post :)

  3. :D :D i loved that so funny the finger thing
    i like the post :D

  4. where was I when this was written..