Sunday, December 27, 2009


The city of the full moon

Elation and bittersweet pain

Movie-like scenes, days and dramas

Smiles that hug tears


Successes and failures

Writing, rediscovered

Loved blemishes, and beauty only I can see

Memories and friends

Sexy scars

Dreams, lots of dreams


Maturity, Immaturity and lessons learned

Full moons

Happiness without reason

Timeless music

The imaginary shot of scotch and cigarette that come to my rescue


January, July and December

Faith, belief, nostalgia, hope, silver linings and revelations

Who I was, who I am and who I am meant to be

Finding God

24/12/2009, 4.35 am, 12°C and a hot mug of coffee

"Hell or Glory, I don't want anything in between"

Music is comfortable, miracles are plausible and endless stories exist

This year has been far too kind to me

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The Song: She's My Winona - Fallout Boy


  1. 2009 has been quite good to me as well, i wonder....

  2. 2009...I am looking forward to a 2010. Seriously. Can you believe we're a decade into the freaking century?

  3. yeah, it is a shocker alright, i can't believe how much i've changed since then.

    it has been a good run though.

  4. May you all your years be as kind to you:)

    Enjoy and savour eveyr moment, Wessam.

    Happy new year to u and ur family dear..

  5. this post made me smile :) don't know I can't help it!