Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kyrie's Melody

it rained for days on end

flooding my mind

wave after wave

crashing on the rocks

beckoning us

take a dip!

the little child jumped in

i remained ashore

i watched

he swam in a black sea

surrounded by a silver aura

he waved at me

in fear, i smiled

let's go, I cried

but he swam away

it rained some more

the waves gnarled and roared

he can't go

he's all I have

until I save Kyrie he's all I have

he dreams, he smiles

he can't go

i jumped into darkness

i swam my body weary

sweet water mixed with tears


before the music stops playing

before the sky's tears run dry

could I have found you?

the last breath is finally here

overtaken by a dark cold wave

I close my eyes


there's a silver shimmer

down at the bottom

that last breath will have to wait

i swim deeper

i can see him clearly now

sitting at the bottom

overwhelmed with happiness

i swim closer

he's not alone


© Getty Images

The Music: Postcards from Far Away - Coldplay


  1. Hey Wessam!Thx for leaving a comment on my post:)
    Let me tell you that I was thoroughly entertained by your posts..such an interesting character you are with some very interesting observations..:)
    But what I love the most about this blog is the positive vibe is conveys...inspite of any negative encounters, yet you manage to remain positive and optimistic about life which is fantastic!! Don't ever change!

  2. I like this poem (prose). It's very visual, very profound.