Thursday, February 26, 2009

Puzzled no More...

Several days ago, the idea of this piece came to me when I was driving back from work. For some reason the rides to and from work are my favorite parts of the day. Maybe it is because they are when I let out most of my emotions and do most of my thinking. I've been wanting to write for a very long time, because I was feeling very inspired lately, but I never really knew what to jot down. At first the idea made no sense to me whatsoever, but I was still determined to illustrate it on paper. A night ago however it started making so much sense it was overwhelming. It is one of those times when something makes sense only to you maybe, but it still defragments a portion of your mind...

She was sitting in the sand looking innocently with bright blue eyes at the small cubes she had in her lap. She held each cube inquiringly for a few seconds looking at it with questioning eyes, as if asking it what she should do with it. She admired the different shapes and colors on each cube, turning each cube around in all directions. The wind coming from the sea toyed with her soft black hair, making its short black curls dance around in an almost harmonious motion. The breeze sent a cool yet pleasant chill down her little back. She was wearing a little baby blue two piece, showing a slightly protruding fair tummy. She was no bigger than a large teddy bear. Her swim suit made the color of her beautiful eyes sparkle and shine under the sun light. Slightly interrupted by the wind she looked up at the sea, then looked behind her and smiled a big gleeful smile then waved eagerly. A pretty woman in her late twenties early thirties, waved back at her. "Hey hunny!" the woman shouted out from a small distance. She was sitting under an umbrella, reading a book. She was wearing beige shorts, a white sleeveless cotton shirt, and shades. She was the adult version of her beautiful girl, only with shoulder length hair. Her little girl's hair however was a little under her ears.

The little girl looked back with traces of the smile she had still on her face and proceeded with the objects of wonder she had laying on the sand and between her little legs. Seeing the objects laying randomly on the sand, the little beauty started setting them up in a row. To her amazement, she saw that by doing that glimpses of an image she knew so well started appearing. She cried out in a mixture of surprise and happiness. She was surprised to see that something can actually come out of these once mysterious cubes, and very happy that she now knows exactly what to do next.

She started re-arranging the cubes over and over again, and the more pieces she put together of the picture, the more excited she got. She was very anxious to piece this image all together. She had a big inner smile and she was giggling out loud all through her glorious discovery. Her eyes sparkled even more now reflecting the purity an innocence of her young soul.

Little by little the picture was getting clearer, and she could hardly keep her happiness in. She started flapping her arms up and down and singing a beautiful melody only she understood. Her mother turning her gaze from the book that she was reading looked up at her and smiled. Coincidentally, the gorgeous child looked back once more sharing her pride with her mom and shouted out in excitement. It was as if she read her mother's mind, and decided to assure her that she was happy a child; she comforted her mother and found comfort in the smile that she received in return. She was very proud of her discovery and wanted her mother to be very proud as well.

She pinned the cubes in the sand and stuck them together forming a big square on which an image of a yellow star began appearing. The bright star lay on a blue background, yet two cubes were missing to complete the image. She knew the image of the star so well from the illustrated books her mommy read to her every night. She felt that she was making one of those stories right now. She wasn't writing one, better yet, she was in one. She picked up another cube and placed it carefully where it belongs. The bright pretty star was now only missing the cube that should be put in the center, and the image would be complete.

She looked around for the last piece, but she couldn't see it. She traced around the sand with her little fingers, but the centerpiece was no where to be found. She stood up and started circling the cube formation in search of her last piece. She didn't notice the big cloud hovering above them in the sky, which was now blocking the sun. She also didn't notice that her mom had in turn stood up to pick up their things, taking a hint from the shades the big cloud was setting.

She couldn’t believe that she was a piece apart from joy and achievement. She was so close to dancing around and celebrating her discovery, yet so far. She saw herself running to her mom and showing her in all satisfaction, what she crafted. Tears started gathering in the corners of her blue eyes. She laughed out loud, but she cried in silence. She stood there with tears in her eyes, heart broken.

It was as if the sky was also heart broken by the portrait of the hurt child. It started raining heavily. The first few drops landed on the girl's bright red cheeks mixing with her tears, she looked up at the sky with sad eyes. She looked back at her almost complete accomplishment, to make a new discovery. The water was filling up the empty space where the last center-cube was supposed to fit. She hurried towards the yellow star and stood next to it watching carefully as the water filled up the vacuum. She started giggling all over again, for she loved the new image created by the rain. It may not have been the picture she'd seen over and over in her bed time books, and over again in her mind, but it was just as pretty, if not prettier. The small water puddle formed in the middle of the closely knit puzzle, created a beautiful color mixture that made the little girl's heart swell. Just as she was turning around to call out for her mommy and do the long awaited victory dance, she saw her running towards her. "Come on baby, let's get out of the rain" her mom called as she approached. The blue eyed angel said something at the top of her lungs with a big smile and pointed to the puzzle. Quickly realizing the preciousness of this moment to her daughter, the mother took a moment to praise her little girl's success. "Hunny, that is so pretty!" she knelt down to her knees and squeezed her little girl in an intense emotional hug. The child smiled a big innocent giddy smile. The mother carried her little sweetheart and started speeding away from the bright yellow star; her daughter's head was resting on her left shoulder. The little girl was watching the water pour out of the center of her puzzle in a fountain-like motion. She giggled out loud again.

The Music: Going Wrong - Armin Van Buuren

When I write the song or the music, I mean the music that inspired me to write a specific piece. It is also the music/song that I wrote the piece listening to. This time I know I was inspired by a trance track, but the mixture of the music and the simple yet moving lyrics, touched a soft spot.

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