Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shades of White

-He got up in the morning and sat up on his bed, yawned and stretched. He had a good night's sleep. He had a great day yesterday actually. He reached to the stereo on his right and hit play. He got up and got in the shower. He turned the cold water and let it fall down on his body. He liked it cold. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the tingling sensation of the water along with the tingling from yesterday. His mind started recollecting images from the day before and putting them in sequence, just like a bunch of movie scenes that fit together perfectly to make the perfect day...

7:22 am
He's sipping coffee in one of the coffee houses near his work place, enjoying the warmth and coziness of the place, in the midst of cold January. His taste buds came to life and danced with every sip of coffee, while he relished the flowing aroma of coffee and bakery in the air. He could almost see the sweet smells dancing and twirling, making knots and loops in the air. "If they had a color, it would be purple I guess" he thought to himself. He had a book in his hands; he had it resting on his lap while he passed his fingers on its pages every now and then. Suddenly a different scent took over the place and he can hear the coffee house door open. He flipped his book shut, laid it on the table and sat in an upright position to investigate the new scent. "That is definitely rose red" he whispered lightly. He looked in the direction of the scent, but he couldn't see anything…

-He got out of the shower with the music playing around him. "Yellow…it sounds like yellow" he said lightly. He passed his hand over his clothes for a couple of minutes then picked a white shirt and black trousers. He reached down next to his closet, counted the third pair from the right and took a black pair. He started getting dressed...

12:24 pm
He's holding another cup of coffee, but this time it is office coffee. He took a first sip and grimaced. "Wow, how can I drink this after what I had this morning? One can't move from pistache green to…grey! It is just wrong" he joked to himself. He was tapped on the shoulder by an office colleague. They had a brief work conversation and then they started talking generally. His colleague mentioned a "sky diving for beginners" event that was being held in the afternoon, but that he didn't want to go.

"Well that sounds interesting, I think I would like to try it out" he said

"But… you can't." his colleague interrupted

"Why not?! You said they have coaches that accompany you through the whole thing right?" he asked his colleague in a surprised manner

"Well yeah, but…"his colleagues started

"But what man? I'm going to give it a shot" he interrupted his colleague

"Ok…sure go for it man" he said then started heading back to his office

He could hear his colleague talking to someone on his way back and breaking a couple of laughs. He knew it was about him. He felt the sarcasm and underestimation, he felt black.

-After tying up his black tie, he headed towards his bed and started arranging it. He reached carefully over the edges to tuck the sheets back to where they belong. He folded the covers and spread them back on the bed. He tidied and arranged the rest of the room. He left the room heading towards the kitchen. "Neat as beige" he said...

4:38 pm
He arrived at the location of the event. He walked in a large field where he heard a lot of noise. Noise made him nervous, there were so many colors and they were contradictory. He asked around for the registration booth, and he was pointed to it. He registered his name and started walking towards the gearing up spot to which he was also pointed to. He could feel everyone's eyes fixed on him. It made him a bit uncomfortable, but he didn't really care. He reached the spot and stood there, he could hear people introducing themselves to others. He figured it was probably the coaches introducing themselves to the applicants. He just stood there, for he didn't know what to do. Seconds later he felt a hand on his shoulder, it was that rose red again. He turned around.

"Hi! I'll be your companion for today. This is your first jump right?" the friendliness and sweetness in her voice melted all his nervousness away.

"Uh…yes" he said

"Well then, I'm going to make sure you enjoy it. Let's go to the plane shall we?" she once more comforted him.

"Yeah…sure" he said but stood still. He didn't know where to go.

He felt her hold his hand.

"I hope you don't mind" she said

"No, not at all. Thank you" he felt that he was being guided, not directed.

They reached the plane geared up and sat on the benches inside the plane. The plane started taking off.

"You're a very brave man" she shouted over the engines of the plane"Just like everyone else who came today" he replied

"Yes…" she patted him in the leg lightly

He had the biggest inner smile; rose red is all he could think of. He was in mid air and was about to take a leap with the most beautiful girl. He had to be happy.

A few minutes before their jump they got up and they were tied together; she was attached to him from behind.

"Are you ready?" she shouted

"Never more" he shouted back.

They jumped.

He could feel himself free falling. He could feel the wind rushing at him with great speed. It was as if the wind embodied them both in a bubble. It was just him and her. She had her arms spread to her sides and she was screaming in joy. The wind woke up a new color in him. "Pink" he said. He felt her hands reach for his and she spread them like wings. He started screaming himself. Rushing pink embraced rose red in a beautiful mélange. This was a dream.

-He entered the kitchen and made himself a small sandwich for breakfast. He sat at the kitchen table eating silently. He felt calm and serene, even sitting there alone. He felt the serenity of a sunset. Crimson orange...

7:35 pm
After landing he got out of the jumping clothes, back into his own and started walking away from the gearing spot and towards the exit of the field. "I don't dare ask for more, this was perfect" he thought to himself in a wishful manner. He knew he wanted to approach this rose red girl, but he didn't know how nor what her reaction would be.

"Hey!" he heard someone shouting from behind him. It was her. He turned around.

"Do you have a ride home?" she asked.

"Uh…I'm walking home. I don't live far from here" he replied.

"Well do you mind if I walked with you? I could use a walk" she asked.

"Sure, I don't mind at all" he couldn't believe this was happening. "Be careful what you wish for" he though to himself.

They walked together for long. He got to know her better and so did she. The more they talked the more that red rose color got engraved in his mind. They joked and laughed. He took her to an ice cream parlor near his house where they had a chance to talk more. She tried looking him in the eyes more than once, but couldn't. As they walked he always kept a hand on the fences and objects to his side.

"That's where I live" he said.

"Nice place. I enjoyed the walk" she said still trying to get a glimpse of his eyes.

"Thanks, me too." he replied always hoping for more.

"Well, good night" she said .

"Night" he said and started turning around towards his place .

"Wait. There's something I've been wanting to do" she called out.

"Huh? What's that?" he looked back towards her but couldn't hold his excitement in.

She put her hands on the sides of his face and slid his shades off. He was a bit startled but he didn't do anything to stop her."Don't ever hide your eyes, they're beautiful" she whispered in his left ear. She gave him a slight peck on the lips.

"Electric Blue" he thought to himself. "This is Electric Blue…Lighnting Blue". He felt his body quiver with emotion. The feel of her lips on his set his soul on fire. This was a dream.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning at the coffee house?" she said placing his shades back in the palm of his right hand.

"Yes" he said , still stunned.

"Okay then, good night" she said and started walking away.

"Good night"

-He finished his breakfast and headed towards the corridor to take his things. He grabbed his book and keys. He put on his jacket; he reached into its right pocket and smiled. He took the shades out of his pocket and put them on the shelf to his left. He walked towards the door and started turning the door knob then stopped. He walked back a few stops, spread his hand to the shelf and grabbed his bright white cane...

"I can't forget that one. All my colors come from white."

The Song: You and I Both - Jason Mraz

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