Monday, December 20, 2010

Rocks of Pride

I cherish every single word I have posted on this blog, and that is precisely why I chose to post this...

He took off the gown of wisdom, and bowed

bestow your beauty, return my kingdom, as you once vowed

this wretched war is yours, are you not proud?

cuts, bruises, blood and scars, a girl crying loud,

look at her as you did me, the day I tried, the day I died

is she not you, a shattered wave, a broken tide

a black spell, a foul crave, crashing on the rocks of pride

for in the dawn of the brave, men who defied

the charm of a pretty queen, as she wept and cried,

rains of gold kill the wealthy and seas of gluttony run dry,

grey grows old and empty, and your velvet demons die

look at me, watch me be, behold your champion fly

gone is the time of courtesy, and dead is every lie